TOTEM        2013 - 16     Slip-cast earthenware and salvaged biscuit-ware

The work was originally created for the solo exhibition of the same title, shown at AirSpace Gallery  (Stoke-on-Trent, UK) and have subsequently been remade and re-exhibited with HS Projects (UK) and LAMB ARTS (UK). 

Photography : Glen Stoker and Joel Chester Fieldes

Exploring a particular tipping point in the industrial heritage of Stoke-on-Trent (UK) and its ceramics industry, Totem is comprised of a series of floor to ceiling totems composed of hundreds of pieces of discarded biscuit-ware that the artist salvaged from the former Spode factory site. Covered in plaster splashes and grubby finger marks these abandoned, unfinished domestic items were mid-production the day the administrators closed the factory in 2009; they have been interspersed with freshly slip-cast pieces made by the artist using molds dating back as far as 1870, also found at the site. A monument to the past and future ceramics industry.

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