Through ensembles of sculptures, performances and prose, Coco Derenne attempts to explore, test and debase what it is to exist in the world today.  The works take their starting point from the material things we surround ourselves with, using specific crafts, trades, and industries as vehicle for exploring both our collective and individual cultural histories and identities. Storytelling, daily ritual and the meeting of the man made and natural environments, are common themes in her work.

Derenne lives and works in the Vienne, France. She studied in London, first completing a degree in Linguistics at University College London (UK),  and studying at The Slade before completing an MA in Sculpture University of the Arts London in 2008. Since this time she exhibited in both public and commercial contexts working with organisations including  Tate Modern (UK), Maison de la Culture, Amiens (France) Oriel Sycharth (Wales), Palazzo Grassi (Italy) and Inhotim (Brazil).


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